August 10, 2009

By now you have been informed of the passing of my life long friend and Director of the Goodfield Instituut Karel Eskes. Karel's death leaves me with both a major personal and professional loss. On a personal level as I said at his funeral, “The only bad thing about a good thing is when it ends.” The end of an era that lasted more than two decades has reached an end. The pain is overwhelming for so many and especially “Boots” (Marlies) as I have affectionately called her for years. We shall always miss his silent strength and gentle power. It is a major loss one I shall never really get over.

No person can ever replace him or “fill his boots” and it would be wrong to expect that of another. One thing you may be sure about is that Karel would have been embarrassed by all the words of praise and adoration. He probably would have found an excuse to slip outside and have one of his damned cigarettes. He would have said the words we both often said. Next. Well, that is both painful and correct. Karel devoted many years of his life sharing the dream that the Goodfield Method would flourish and grow in such a way that people in need could get direct help in the most clear, efficient way possible in the least time necessary. That dream we shared and now I continue to share with you who also endorsed this hope and aspiration.  

Let me be clear, this work effort must be a collective effort. The Goodfield Method will survive and flourish. Wim de Leeuw will remain stead fast in his guidance as he has for the last thirty plus years. Operationally he will as a result of his vast experience with the “work” act in an “advise and consent” capacity.   There are those of you who immediately and respectfully offered to carry on the activities of the Goodfield Institute. Karel said so clearly that, “The Institute is not brick and mortar but a concept an idea that exist in those who believe in real direct change.”

It was said by Alexandre Dumas's, Auguste Maquet in Marguerite de Valois, “The King is dead long live the King.” There must be someone to agree to go forward with the activities of the Goodfield Instituut NL in Europe and we have found that person.

Windy De Weerd has agreed to take up the mantel of responsibility and for that I am deeply grateful. Together with Wim and others we will under her guidance and leadership attempt to turn crisis to creativity. Any of you who know Windy and her husband Peter, know how bright, honest and open she is and they both are.

With love and respect,
Barry Austin Goodfield
Founding Director